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The Ultimate List of
Digital Marketing Tools

If you work anywhere near digital marketing, consider this your lucky page. Whether you’re a generalist or a specialist of any sort, this is the place to find the Web’s most functional, useful, time-saving digital tools.

This page contains:

📖 the full Table of Tools, sorted by category
⛳️ the Index of Goals, reverse-engineered for browsing with the end in mind
🔑 a Legend to tell you what our handful of symbols mean
💎 a conversational explanation of Why the Ultimate List Exists

Want to drive right into the tools?
Start browsing below using the Table or the Index!


Communication 📞

Calendly ★♥︎
Schedule Coordination Assistant

Mural ♣︎
Visual Collaboration Interface

Loom ★♥︎
Quick Video Messaging + Screen Recording

Videoask by Typeform
One-to-One Customer Conversation Management

Bonjoro ♥︎
Attribution-Friendly Business Videochat Platform

Boomerang for Gmail
➕ Email Tracking, Snooze, Reminders

Powerful Standalone Email Client

➕ Bulk Send/Mail Merge for Gmail

Canned Responses Ultimate
➕ Spring-Loaded Gmail Replies

➕ Videoconference Background-Noise Canceling

West Elm for Zoom ♥︎
➕ Bougie Videoconference Backgrounds

Browse All COMMUNICATION Tools ↗️ 

Content Marketing 📚

BuzzSumo ★♥︎
Online Content Curation

Real-Time Comparison of Autofill Results

Keyword Shitter ★♥︎
Generator for Related Keywords

Integrated Multi-Channel Podcasting

Sans Bullshit Sans ♥︎♣︎
Copy Improvement Tool + BS Highlighter

Quillbot ♥︎♣︎
AI-Powered Copy Paraphraser

Collab-Friendly Multimedia Hub/Doc Editor

750 Words
Socially-Secluded Free Writing and Ideation


Data + Analytics 📊

SimilarWeb ★♥︎♣︎
➕ Webpage Traffic Analysis Sidebar

Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations
➕ Dashboard Enhancement Add-on for GA

Neil Patel’s A/B Testing Calculator
Simple Conversion and Split-Testing Metrics

Gorilla Sheets ♣︎
➕ Customizable Data Pipeline for Seller Central


Browse All DATA + ANALYTICS Tools ↗️

Email Marketing 📬

Hunter ★♥︎♣︎
Find or Check Any Email Address

The Magic Email ♥︎♣︎
One Sentence with a 50% Response Rate

Email List Cleaning + Address Verification

Browse All EMAIL MARKETING Tools ↗️

Productivity 🏭

Integrated Work-Applications Interface

ClickUp ♥︎
Integrated Work-Applications Interface

Cross-Platform Personal Time Tracking

Quick Drive ★
➕ Access and Create Drive Files on the Go

➕ Quick File Modification and Conversion

Office Editing for Drive
➕ Google Docs/Microsoft Office File Compatibility

Save Emails to Google Drive ★
➕ Quick Saving and Sharing for Emails

Otter ♥︎
AI-Powered Transcription

Rev ★
Human-Powered Transcription (and More)

Browse All PRODUCTIVITY Tools ↗️


Keywords Everywhere ★♥︎
➕ SEO Data Overlay

Saving Benjamin Lite ★♥︎
Negative Keyword Identifier

Ahrefs ★
Internal and External SEO Audit Tool

Browse All SEARCH and SEO Tools ↗️

Social Media 💬

Lumen5 ★♥︎
High-Powered Instagram Video Editor

Aesthetic-Friendly Instagram Post Planner

Branding-Friendly Social Post Planner

Browse All SOCIAL MEDIA Tools ↗️

Video Production 🎥

FILMiC Pro ★
Pro-Level Smartphone Video with Granular Control

Ecamm Live
All-in-One Livestreaming Studio for macOS

Vyond ♥︎
DIY Animated Video Creator

Animoto ♥︎
Drag-and-Drop Promo-Video Creator

Browse All VIDEO PRODUCTION Tools ↗️

Web Design 🖥

accessiBe ♣︎
AI-Powered ADA Compliance for Websites

Wyng ♥︎
Microexperiences for Branded Websites

Wordmark.it ★
Font Comparison and Selection

➕ Web Font Testing

Promotional Campaign Manager

Emmet Re:View
➕ Testing for Responsive Web Design

Color Palettes and Gradients

Browse All WEB DESIGN Tools ↗️

Miscellaneous 🛠

Mechanical Turk ♣︎
Crowdsourcing Marketplace

Banner Season ♣︎
Automation-Powered Personalized Gifting

Noisli ★♣︎
Background-Noise Mixing Table

Remove.bg ★♥︎
Image Background Removal

Quick Image-Format Conversion

TextCleaner ★
➕ Automated Editing on Selected Text

➕ Change Casing on Selected Text

Browse All MISCELLANEOUS Tools ↗️


Click the text links to see the tool’s website.
Click the 📝 icon to see the Ultimate List entry!

If you need to…


Aggregation of trending content
BuzzSumo  📝

Creating/sending customized gifts to VIPs
Banner Season  📝

Data collection/reporting for FBA/Seller Central
Gorilla Sheets  📝

Email follow-ups
Polymail  📝

Saving emails as PDFs
Save Emails to Google Drive  📝

Transcription of calls and meetings
Otter  📝

Website ADA compliance
accessiBe  📝


FBA/Seller Central data and Google Sheets
Gorilla Sheets  📝

Meeting transcriptions/notes across team members
Otter  📝

Microsoft Office files within Google Drive
Office Editing for Drive  📝

Multimedia assets for content production
Airstory  📝

Multiple calendars together
Calendly  📝

Remote teams for collaborative work
Mural  📝


Animated brand videos
Vyond  📝

Color palettes and gradients
Coolors  📝

Contract labor for small online/computer tasks
Mechanical Turk  📝

Custom reporting for FBA/Seller Central data
Gorilla Sheets  📝

Detailed/advanced controls for smartphone video
FILMiC Pro  📝

Email follow-up reminders
Boomerang  📝
Polymail  📝

Email snoozing
Boomerang  📝
Polymail  📝

Email swipe files in Drive
Save Emails to Google Drive  📝

Email tracking (opens and clicks)
Boomerang  📝
Polymail  📝

Forecast of your future IG feed
Planoly  📝

Images without backgrounds
Remove.bg  📝

Mail-merge (AKA mass mail) for Gmail + G-Sheets
GMass  📝

Multi-cam studio on your smartphone
FILMiC Pro  📝

Multi-platform livestreaming studio
Ecamm Live  📝

New options for online promotional campaigns
Woobox  📝

Payment capture for customer meetings
Calendly  📝

a Podcast(ing Platform)
Anchor  📝

Polished promotional videos
Animoto  📝

Professional transcriptions of any recorded material
Rev  📝

Screen capture for screen AND camera
Loom  📝

Screen capture for mobile AND desktop
Loom  📝

Website widget for self-scheduling by customers
Calendly  📝

Word clouds based on transcriptions from recordings
Otter  📝


Autofill results from multiple search engines
Soovle  📝

Correlations in GA data from external causes
Enhanced GA Annotations  📝

Downloadable .txt lists of related keywords
Keyword Shitter  📝

Keyword performance data
Ahrefs  📝
Keywords Everywhere  📝

New fonts
Wordmark.it  📝

Quick SEO keywords
Soovle  📝
Keyword Shitter  📝

SEO counter-intelligence on competing sites
Ahrefs  📝

Specific people’s email addresses
Hunter  📝

Traffic data for websites you don’t own
Ahrefs  📝
SimilarWeb  📝

Trending content in specific topics/channels
BuzzSumo  📝

Where your work time went (across all apps/devices)
RescueTime  📝


Back-and-forth for scheduling meetings
Calendly  📝

Background noise on video calls
Krisp  📝

Bulls**t in your marketing copy
Sans Bullshit Sans  📝

Dead ends in email outreach
Hunter  📝
Magic Email  📝

Hassles accessing your FBA/Seller Central data
Gorilla Sheets  📝

Last-minute meetings
Calendly  📝

Number of desktop windows needed at a time
ClickUp  📝
Shift  📝

Repetitive email replies
Canned Responses  📝

Risky or unreliable subscriber emails
Bouncer  📝

Site link performance issues
Ahrefs  📝

Time lost to tedium and lever-pulling
Mechanical Turk  📝

Time you didn’t know you were losing at all
RescueTime  📝

Unexplained patterns in traffic data
Enhanced GA Annotations  📝


Accessibility features/compliance on website
accessiBe  📝

Appearance of your office on Zoom calls
West Elm for Zoom  📝

Attribution between conversations and marketing goals
Bonjoro  📝

Branding across social posts/platforms
Ripl  📝

Communication with customers/prospects
Bonjoro  📝
Videoask  📝

Custom background noise while you work
Noisli  📝

Customer welcome + onboarding
Videoask  📝

Detailed/advanced controls for smartphone video
FILMiC Pro  📝

Effectiveness of cold email outreach
Hunter  📝

Email deliverability and sender reputation
Bouncer  📝

Google Drive’s compatibility with Microsoft Office files
Office Editing for Drive  📝

Ideation and brainstorming habits
750 Words  📝

Likelihood of reviving cold prospects
Magic Email  📝

Livestreaming reach and studio capabilities
Ecamm Live  📝

Management of one-to-one conversations
Bonjoro  📝
Videoask  📝

On-website customer engagement and data collection
Wyng  📝

Personal time management skills
RescueTime  📝

Podcasting monetization potential
Anchor  📝

Podcasting platform unification
Anchor  📝

Polish on branded Instagram Stories
Lumen5  📝

Real-time collaboration for remote teams
Mural  📝

Retention of high-value leads and customers
Banner Season  📝

ROI on Google Search Ads
Keywords Everywhere  📝
Saving Benjamin Lite  📝

Sophistication of promotional videos
Animoto  📝

Subscriber health/engagement on your email list
Bouncer  📝


Adding emails to your swipe file
Save Emails to Google Drive  📝

Calculations for A/B testing
Neil Patel’s A/B Calculator  📝

Collaboration on complex subjects/projects
Airstory  📝
Mural  📝

Comparing autofill results across search engines
Soovle  📝

Comparing keyword data across search engines
Keywords Everywhere  📝

Communicating details to clients and teammates
Loom  📝

Converting between PDF and other common file types
SmallPDF  📝

Converting HEIC images to JPEG
HEIC to JPG  📝

Converting recorded media to valuable textual content
Otter  📝
Rev  📝

Creating new Drive files (Doc, Sheet, etc.)
Quick Drive  📝

Dashboard for cross-platform social metrics
Ripl  📝

Delegation of tedious/lever-pulling tasks
Mechanical Turk  📝

Editing PDF files (inc. split, merge, etc.)
SmallPDF  📝

Email replies you wind up writing over and over
Canned Responses  📝

Font discovery, comparison, and selection
Wordmark.it  📝

Finding (and sharing) files from your Google Drive
Quick Drive  📝

Gathering intel about other websites
SimilarWeb  📝

Getting warm prospects/customers to take the next action
Videoask  📝

Identifying the right negative keywords
Saving Benjamin Lite  📝

Management of promotional campaigns (e.g. giveaways)
Woobox  📝

Minor editing/formatting changes in Docs
ChangeCase  📝
TextCleaner  📝

Planning (and posting) Instagram posts
Planoly  📝

Podcasting platform and process
Anchor  📝

Removing backgrounds from images
Remove.bg  📝

Re-writes and paraphrasing copy
Quillbot  📝

Scheduling meetings and calls
Calendly  📝

Screen capture and sharing
Loom  📝

Split-testing for ad copy
Sans Bullshit Sans  📝

Switching between different work-app contexts
ClickUp  📝
Shift  📝

Team brainstorming
Mural  📝

Testing webfonts in place
Snapfont  📝

Testing responsive pages on multiple devices
Emmet Re:View  📝


Title Symbols

★ CLIKK Staff Picks

Our team’s favorites. Each starred item is either a tool we use regularly or a tool we’d choose first if we needed one of its type.

♥︎ Crowd Favorites

These tools either have glowing recommendations from members of theCLIKK community OR the tool’s original newsletter mention got especially high engagement.

♣︎ One of a Kind

These tools either don’t have equivalents and direct competitors (to our existing knowledge), or they offer a completely unique spin on something found elsewhere.

➕ Add-On

Indicates when a tool has a prerequisite “parent tool” to which it attaches.

Detail Symbols


A link to the tool itself, often (though not always) the tool’s homepage.

🆓 Free Options

If absent, there are no free options for the tool. If present, this describes what free options or features, if any, are available for the tool.

⏳ Trial Options

If absent, there are no trial options. If present, this notes the limitations of the trial option(s) and whether or not you’ll have to put down a credit card to access them.

💰 Paid Options

If absent, the tool is free. Otherwise, provides a brief overview of pricing information for paid tools. Note that this source cannot guarantee up-to-date pricing information, mostly because pricing could change any time (at the tool vendors’ discretions).

🔗 Compatibility

What the tool will or won’t “cooperate” with, plus any other third-party integrations or side hookups which make the tool potentially more useful.

📝 Other Notes

Any information about the tool which is secondary to the main description (e.g. other content or resources about it).

Why the Ultimate List Exists

It is our hope, if you’ve found this Ultimate List of Digital Marketing Tools, that its contents will dazzle and delight you.

Still, by the time you’re reading these words, you’re likelier to wonder something like: what’s the catch?

In other words:

What do YOU (theCLIKK) have to gain from this?
Why go to all this trouble without even asking for an email address?

The answer, friends, is that the Ultimate List of Digital Marketing Tools is an SEO magnet.


What’s an SEO magnet?

An SEO magnet is a web page or set of web pages designed to attract organic traffic from Google for specific target keywords.

That’s a mouthful, so let’s zoom out and think about what we’re doing here — “we” meaning You and Us, the consumers and producers of this content (respectively).

What are we exchanging here?

Economists knew this all along, but (as our society is beginning to learn) free stuff online isn’t truly free. Wherever you find value online, there’s some exchange happening even if you’re not handing over money.

A lot of times, if you find a resource like this one, it’s gated. You might get a peek for free, but then you have to pay for full access, whether that means paying money OR providing something like your email address. These gates can be annoying to consumers, but at least the exchange is clear and direct: you know what you’re giving up and you know what you’re getting in return.

An SEO magnet is still an exchange, but it’s indirect. You don’t have to give us anything to consume this resource because consuming this resource —is— giving us something. Namely: you are validating Google’s “trust” in this resource by lingering on our pages, by interacting with them, by linking to them, by sharing them. It takes time to build up rank, but in the long run, we stand to earn a lot more (of Google’s “free” organic traffic) if we leave the resource open and let the whole internet participate.

Sometimes you make more giving things away for free than you do selling them. 🤷🏼‍♂️ 


We can teach you how to build your own.

In full sincerity, everything written above would have been more than enough reason to build this Ultimate List.

But also, in full disclosure: we gotta practice what we preach, because we sell an on-demand workshop all about SEO magnets. The workshop is designed to give you everything you need in the span of an afternoon—from a crash-course primer in plain English all the way through a clear plan to building your own SEO magnet (with our handy guides and resources all included).

Either way, since you’re currently within an SEO magnet, we’ll share…

Three Sample Lessons

1️⃣  The content actually has to be worthwhile for readers. One key distinction about SEO magnets is that they are “playing Google’s game,” but they are NOT “gaming Google.” This isn’t hacky stuff we’re doing here; if we had shortcuts and silver bullets, we wouldn’t have bothered with all this content.

In fact, 98% of the work here is the content itself—not just because we want all these words and links here, but because we want to maximize the chances that people linger on these pages and link to them. The surest way to motivate that behavior is to build something legitimately cool and helpful for the audience.

2️⃣  This resource (like any SEO magnet) has a deliberate structure. A few things to notice:

(A) Right now, you’re on what we call the Zero Page, which is like the “home page” for this resource. It targets the keyword phrase “digital marketing tools” in both the main headline (H1) and the slug (end of the URL).

(B) This zero page is the “parent” page for all of the individual pages (with tools listed by category), which is how the slugs are able to “stack” (with the / between digital-marketing-tools and XYZ-tools-for-digital-marketers at the ends of the URLs).

(C) We’ve made sure to thoroughly inter-link these pages, both for the user experience (so it’s easy to keep browsing if you want) and for the Googlebot (so they’ll see a clear relationship between the pages in the Ultimate List resource).

3️⃣  You don’t need to be spammy to get Google’s attention. In fact, you shouldn’t be. Let’s just say this is not a “squeaky wheel gets the grease” situation. More and more, it will backfire if you try to make pages excessively “loud” for certain keywords.

To dispel a pair of common misconceptions:

(A) You don’t need to cram all the content into a single webpage to boost your SEO—and there are practical reasons not to do that in many cases. A set of pages, properly linked, can be perfectly suitable.

(B) Your target keywords do need to appear, and prominently—but beyond that, it doesn’t help you to repeat them over and over and over again.