… bundling. OK, maybe it’s not the oldest trick, but we bet even the ancient Greeks were bundling jugs of wine with a dozen figs and a loaf of bread.

Bundles are everywhere and for good reason. They increase an important metric called Average Order Value (sometimes called Average Basket Value).

It’s the #3 meal you order at McDonald’s. It’s the cellular data + home TV + Internet package you get from AT&T.

Bundling can also create completely new value propositions that make the bundle worth more than the sum of their parts. In other words, you may be able to charge more for a bundle than you could for each part sold separately. This shave kit is a good example:

creating value with bundling image 1

A close relative of the bundle offer is the bulk offer.

It’s the 3-pack of laundry detergent for a 20% discount. It’s the package of 10 consulting hours for $1,500 or 20 hours for $2,500.

So we ask you: what could you be bundling or offering in bulk?

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