Consumers respond to relevant ads… said Captain Obvious, you think to yourself. Because completely irrelevant ads are the real champs here, right?

No, but seriously. (We’re trying to help you, MarketingDive, but we can’t pretend people will ignore your headline once we send them to you.)

Sigh. It’s good info. It just doesn’t know better. The high points for you:

The average interaction time with online content has DOUBLED since the pandemic started. And you thought we were big content consumers before. It’s up to almost SEVEN HOURS A DAY now (6h59m) from pre-COVID averages closer to 3h15m.

The pandemic has forced people to become more open to new brands. That happens (way more) when you need something and your regular hookups are out of stock at the moment. Thus, 39% of consumers have bought from a new brand during the pandemic.

This whole situation has narrowed contextual attention even further. Thus far, it’s conventional wisdom that ads perform better when they have some connection to the content they interrupt—but that’s even truer now, when attention spans are shorter and the connections have to made more obvious for consumers of both goods and content.

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