Yesterday we talked about the types of content that work deep in the funnel when a prospect is getting close to the purchase.

Today, let’s talk about the exact opposite: content that drives traffic. 

What kind of content should be produced to drive awareness for your business, products, services, or cause? What content should be produced to attract the people that have no clue who you are or what you sell?

Remember that content like Customer Success Stories, Product Demos, and Webinars are great at the bottom of the funnel when you want to close the deal. But these same types of content are nearly useless when trying to attract brand new prospects. I mean who wants to watch your Customer Success Story before they even know who you are?

To bring in fresh meat prospects, create educational, informational, or inspiring content and broadcasting it as widely as possible through:

  • Blog articles (Like this from OfficeVibe)
  • Podcasts (Like this from ZipRecruiter)
  • Video (particularly on YouTube) (Like this from Lowe’s)

These content types are great at driving engagement but are much less effective at closing deals with prospects who are close to buying.

To do content marketing right, make sure you’re using the right type of content for the job.

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