Yesterday, we got our hands on this state-of-the-market update from MediaPost. Like a lot of stat-focused pieces, it’s short but dense, and you have to play with the puzzle pieces before you’ll see the complete picture.

So here’s our CLIKK Notes on the subject, covering both the essential facts and our main bites of analysis:

2020 is shaping up to be a C-C-COMBO BREAKER! for content marketing. Revenues from content marketing have been growing at a double-digit pace for years on end — for reference, those revenues grew by 13.2% last year — but they’re projected to drop by 6.8% in the U.S. this year (versus a small projected global content-marketing growth of 1.9%). Bummer, man.

Still, content marketing didn’t take as big a hit as other media segments. This year has brought performance drops across all marketing media segments, but content marketing didn’t suffer like (say) paid advertising, which has been all but frozen in certain times and places since COVID began. As we always say, content marketing is a slow burn, like smoldering embers beneath the big colorful flames of paid advertising—and the advantage here, continuing the analogy, is that the COVID storm could quickly blow out the flames but couldn’t easily snuff out the embers. Most existing content still retained its permanent value, and therefore retained its usefulness as a bargaining chip for marketers.

Also, content marketing is also starting to recover strong in the second half of 2020. Not much detail here yet, since we’re not even a full quarter into the second half of 2020—but we’re still glad to hear it!

The largest content-marketing revenues came from legacy print media… but all of the fastest growth categories are digital. To be a bit more specific: the fastest gainers for 2019 were all rich digital media (branded apps, games, social and visual content) in the B2C space.

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