Over the last couple of days we’ve been talking about using the right content for the right job. On Monday, we talked about content that closes sales. Yesterday, we learned about content that drives awareness and engagement.

Today, let’s talk about content that generates leads.

When the goal is lead generation, there are two types of content that work extremely well:

Lead Magnets – A valuable resource that is exchanged for someone’s contact information. (Like this from Unbounce or this from Gabby Bernstein.)

Webinars – A live or recorded event that requires registration. (Like this from Pardot.)

We sometimes refer to this type of lead generation resource or online event as gated content. It lives behind an opt-in form or registration form and is therefore not freely available like the content we covered that creates awareness and engagement.

Because this content is gated, it generates almost zero organic traffic — AKA traffic from SEO or social media shares. But, the upside is that if you drive traffic directly to it, the leads start flowing.

To recap, step one in any marketing effort is to determine the goal (leads, sales, awareness) and step two is to determine the type of content you’ll use to get the job done. Choose wisely, young grasshopper. 🙂

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