Chipotle App

Fast-casual burrito chain Chipotle is rolling up close to a cool $1B in digital sales. Much of the growth is credited to a millennial-friendly loyalty program and a fresher-than-cilantro strategy that focuses on a smoothly integrated app that makes customizing orders as easy as asking the guy at the counter for extra beans, sour cream on the side.

The app has generated close to 750,000 thousand mostly word-of-mouth downloads since its launch, and three quarters of a million stoners can’t be wrong. (Just kidding⁠—although Chipotle was founded in hemp-happy Colorado.) Users love features like the GPS functionality that quickly finds your nearest nacho fix, the dedicated pick-up lane at stores, and the ability to save previous orders and payment details, speeding up the time between order and saying “get in mah belly” to your burrito 

“More of our customers now customize their meals exactly the way they want, just as if they were going through the front line in one of our restaurants,” said Nicole West, VP of digital strategy and product at Chipotle. And while in-store restaurant traffic is flat or declining, Chipotle has seen a double-digit increase in same-store sales.

That’s a lot of guac, and we are on it like salsa on freshly sliced carne asada⁠—which Chipotle is now delivering. Lunch, anyone?