If you search Google for the phrase keto friendly snacks, you’ll see this up top:

unbranded search terms

This is an unbranded search. Hippie Snacks knows that (A) it might be tough to rank organically in Google for this competitive term and (B) it might pay to just buy the placement using Google Ads.

If you type the branded search term hippie snacks into Google, you’ll see this:

branded search terms image

Notice that Hippie Snacks is still buying the placement at the top of the page, but they’re also ranking in the first position organically through SEO.

Take a few minutes and Google your brand names. Google the name of your business. Google your product, service, and/or event brands. Google the names of key employees. Do you rank in the first position for ALL of these branded search terms?

If you don’t, you can be sure some blogger or YouTuber or affiliate marketer will be scarfing up that traffic. Which you definitely don’t want.

Ranking #1 for your brands is usually just a matter of building a page which is optimized for that branded term using basic on-page SEO. Get on it! 🤓

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