📊 Backlinko’s Findings on Evergreen Content. Backlinko’s Brian Dean does a lot of good stuff with data, and—not gonna lie—even though we know all of the headline tricks, we see “analyzed 3.6 billion articles” and it gives us the impression (however briefly) that his conclusions are like laws of nature.

He’s got 9 “key findings” here, and he provides them all in a concise format at the top. The main body of the article then unpacks those key findings in order and in detail.

Because he summarizes himself so well at the top of the article, we’ll just let him do that on his own. For our part, we’ll give you an entrance to the topic by refreshing you on the definition: content is evergreen if it doesn’t go out of date, i.e. if it continues to be read and shared well after its publication.

Oh, and he’s discussing this info TODAY in a free webinar with BuzzSumo! It’ll start at 11:30am EST and you can register right here.

DISCLOSURE: Nobody asked us to promote the webinar. A pop-up informed us of it when we opened BuzzSumo yesterday, and we’re mentioning it because we trust both BuzzSumo and Brian Dean. They’re sharp cookies worth listening to.

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