🧭 a Roadmap for Learning SEO (with Free Guides and Tools). We really wish we could tell you where we found this, but to be honest, it got here just because the tab was still open from last week, in a Chrome window all by itself. (Which probably means we left it there on purpose, but it’s anybody’s guess when you’re talking about last week.)

Anyways! This is cool, and we’ve not seen many things like it…

It’s basically a “subject-matter map of SEO” geared towards people who want to learn SEO. A preview image might be useful, so here we go:

learning seo

Really, this “roadmap” is more like the love child of a list and a flowchart, but regardless, it’s doing two useful things here:

1️⃣ Giving the lay of the land. The roadmap might not explain much of anything, but it does organize a lot of vocabulary for you. This means you have an opportunity to see SEO from a high altitude, with all the pieces outlined clearly (even if you have to stop and Google a bunch of stuff).

2️⃣ Channeling chaos into order for SEO newbies. SEO is one of those disciplines whose knowledge builds upon itself, and in such a precarious, Jenga-ish way that the learning curve is extra-steep without guidance. The roadmap isn’t a teacher on its own, but it’s a sturdy bit of guidance to get you started in lieu of a teacher.

We haven’t had a chance to vet the resources provided towards the bottom of the page, but there are a s**tload and, judging by our spot-check of them, we’re gonna be coming back here to read a few things ourselves. 🤓

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