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Gimme Five (G): How will the Shift to 5G Technology Revolutionize Digital Advertising?

5G and digital advertising

Marketers: We are on the eve of major change.

Two thirds of the planet are predicted to be using superfast 5G Internet technology by 2025, revolutionizing the digital economy and hastening advances from self-driving cars to the Internet of things.

5G isn’t just a little faster — we’re talking up to 1,000 times faster and with 100 times less latency. Game-changing fast.

No area of marketing will be more affected than digital advertising.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • More! More! More! — Faster load speeds mean more content consumption, particularly on mobile devices. And more content consumption means more opportunity to show ads and measure behavior.
  • This isn’t really about YOU — While humans will be thrilled with faster load times and less buffering, this shift to 5G promises to create the bandwidth to truly create the Internet of Things (IoT). Cars, drones, robots, appliances and more will finally have the data speeds to deliver data simultaneously. Every connection to the network represents (you guessed it) an opportunity for advertisers to serve ads and measure behavior.
  • Location. Location. Location. — With everything from your car to your sunglasses having the ability to transmit data at lightning speed, major opportunities in location-based ad targeting will open up.
  • Do you see what I see? — Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will finally arrive in earnest, opening up new worlds in which to engage with potential customers, serve ads, and (yep) measure behavior.
  • Is that too personal? — Martin Salo, co-founder of Realeyes says that artificial intelligence (AI) technology coupled with 5G speed will “power a new era in personalized advertising, giving marketers the processing power to find out more about their audiences in real-time than ever before, including their emotional states and attention levels.”

Yikes! Emotional states and attention levels!? That does sound personal.

And all this in an era when privacy concerns are forcing marketers to toe the line between “catchy” and “creepy.”

Where will it all go? We’re strapping on our VR goggles, and waiting at the Pokemon gym.




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