↪️ 3 Effective Retargeting Strategies That Actually Work. This was a good read from Neil Patel’s blog, in large part because of the volume and specificity of examples (as his headline goes to pains to emphasize).

First, catching up the newbies: retargeting is an advertising strategy where you specifically target people who have already seen or encountered or “touched” you in some way, like by visiting your website. If you’ve ever gotten the sense that certain brands or products have “followed” you around the internet in an eerie sort of way, that’s retargeting—and the idea here is that, statistically, the people who’ve made contact with you at least once are way likelier to take action than people who’ve made zero contact with you.

Neil’s post is worth reading at a leisurely pace, but to nutshell his three strategies in a sentence each:

1️⃣ Retarget specific URL visits. It’s not very cost-effective to retarget everyone who visits (any page on) your site… but it can be extremely cost-effective to retarget specific pages visited for specific reasons.

2️⃣ Retarget Existing Customers. This is a big “if nothing else,” but… if nothing else, retargeting existing customers keeps some of your most valuable email subscribers paying attention and taking new offers as you make them.

3️⃣ Lead-Gen Ads Based on Paid Engagement. This is one of the better-known Facebook “hacks” and it’s so successful because it allows you to generate leads on Facebook without requiring them to leave Facebook.

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