If you already know what we’re talking about, skip to the next paragraph. If not, we’ll explain one of Google Search’s deepest fundamental principles real fast: Google’s most trusted way to identify a “good” webpage is to see how many other pages link to it. It’s the same general idea as social proof but transmogrified into the code and algorithms that run Google Search. So, when SEOs think about links and link-building, they’re thinking about the “credibility” of their webpages as assessed by Google in this way.

So now we’ve arrived in the right proverbial neighborhood and we can share this post on the Moz blog, where 20 different nuances of Google’s link valuation each get their own diagrammatic illustration. It would defeat the point to say too much more, so we’ll just leave you with a sample (below) and say that, if this is helpful info to you, take the time to study it… five minutes staring at a diagram beats five hours of circular, frustrating reading. 🤓

link valuation

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