🦄 How to Use Google Analytics to Find Your Content Unicorns. If the top 1-5% of your content gets bombastic results while the rest gets crickets, you’re normal. That’s life on the internet: a sea of “donkeys” with the occasional “unicorn” of content success flitting across the night sky.

But good content marketers don’t just wait on the odds. They find what works and do it harder. They find what doesn’t work and try something else. They test. They iterate.

They try to make more (pieces of content into) unicorns.

The article defines four categories for pieces of content with “unicorn potential.” Then it explains how to identify each type in Google Analytics AND suggests how to get the most out of each type.

Those four categories of potential, nutshelled:

Champions ⚔️ These pieces of content are your current winners and workhorses; they’re already pulling in great organic traffic. In these cases, you probably don’t need to improve the content itself—so instead, look for ways to engage visitors and/or pull them deeper into the site. (Though, in some cases, you certainly could improve/expand the content and double down on what’s working there.)

Potential Champions 🛡 Traffic isn’t great to these pieces of content, but they’re ranking well so far. There’s a little bit of an art to finding these pieces in GA, but once you’ve identified them, you’ll want to beef them up (esp. around the main keyword topic).

Falling Stars 💫 Content that once attracted solid traffic, but no longer. Similar to the Potential Champions, you’re gonna want to go in and beef up the content. Just make sure that you do NOT change the URLs on these pieces, since that’d erase any advantageous “original star status” with Google.

Better Mousetraps 🧀 An intriguing category, Better Mousetraps are pieces of content that have the highest engagement and conversion (regardless of traffic). Remember that you’re most concerned with engagement and conversion rates here, not the absolute numbers.

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