🥵 Fighting Ad Fatigue on Facebook and Instagram. The link from Social Media Examiner is a nice, actionable 10-minute read with plenty of guiding screenshots. We recommend it if you’re running ads on either platform (or both) and you’re not an expert.

For our part, we’ll catch everyone up: what is ad fatigue?

Ad fatigue is basically when you run an ad campaign for a while and it loses its effect over time. Picture a track runner sprinting on Lap 1, jogging on Lap 10, and wearily shuffling on Lap 50.

Likewise, an ad campaign that starts out with a CPL of $1 will gradually rise to $2, then keep going to $3 and beyond; the leads and conversions get more expensive over time. It’s a diminishing-returns type of situation.

Ad fatigue can happen for a number of reasons, but we’ll mention two:

1️⃣ The ad becomes “white noise” to people who’ve seen it too much. In ways we all understand (from our own literal desks), things become invisible when you see them over and over and over again. Ads on social media are just part of the “white noise” of life, except someone’s paying for those. When you’re paying for them, you’ll think more about that. Or you should.

2️⃣ You’ve already tapped the best-fitting members of the audience. When you give Facebook or Instagram audience parameters, they’ll try to serve your ad to the best-fitting people first and then work their way down to the worst-fitting people. Accordingly, ad performance tends to peak early and slope downward for a while before falling off completely (when you hit the edge of the audience and they don’t know WTF you’re talking about).

Again, Social Media Examiner has the restorative details you’ll need—but to wrap up this explanation of ad fatigue, we’ll just say that its solutions tend to boil down to Spruce That Ad Up or Shut That Ad Down.

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