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🌳 How Houseplant Promotes Cannabis Without Breaking the Rules

Seth Rogan HousePlant Cannabis

🌳 How Houseplant Promotes Cannabis Without Breaking the Rules. That’s Seth Rogen’s brand and, having read the article, we gotta say: either Seth Rogen is smarter than we guessed, or he recently discovered a new brain-boosting strain of ocean-grown* herb. Or, hell, maybe both.

Long story short: the Houseplant business is deliberately cut into two separate pieces, dubbed House and Plant. The House side of things sells perfectly legit home goods for which there are no regulatory hurdles, while the Plant side of things sells cannabis products wherever they’re legal. This strict separation is reflected on the brand’s homepage:

seth rogan houseplant cannabis

The halves even have separate Instagram accounts. The Plant side can’t have nearly the same social or advertising visibility, but their products are in dispensaries, and the branding matches up so you’re able to draw the connection between House and Plant. Whichever half you discover first, you’re bound to discover the other—and your chance of converting is higher.

That’s already pretty smart. It skirts some of the obvious barriers for advertising a cannabis brand AND creates natural cross-pollination between (what is ultimately) two businesses operating in the same market and selling to the same people.

And that, friends, is when we encountered the proof that Seth Rogen actually understands this whole marketing thing:

“We’ve sold house goods in all 50 states at this point. That’s us, developing a relationship and trust with customers in places where weed is not legal yet.”

Holy crap. 🤯 Our unexpected but serious prediction, and you have it in writing: Seth Rogen will be a billionaire someday. He’s starting to think a lot more like one, if nothing else.

The basis of our prediction is (in a word) math, not his star power and not obscure market trends. It goes like this:

1️⃣ America is rapidly trending towards legalization, in a When-and-Not-If sort of way. Cannabis is already a huge (legal) market in some states, but it’ll be gargantuan once it’s federally legal all across America. Think “alcohol and tobacco companies,” but with the potential to dwarf them both.

2️⃣ Per usual, the first movers stand to be the biggest winners. Anyone who has a cannabis business already established prior to federal legalization will be in the best position. Rogen is far from the first to invest in cannabis, but he might be the first to attract a serious, money-spending, nationwide marketing audience to a cannabis brand (and well before the competition). That’ll be a formidable advantage in his corner later.

3️⃣ Broadly speaking, cannabis is a high-margin business. Enough said.


* In this context, “ocean grown” is what OG stands for. A lot of those strains originated in California and/or grow especially well there. You can’t always expect that an OG-named strain was actually grown by the ocean; let’s just say that the people naming them, avid consumers themselves, tend to take wild creative liberties with the names (NSFW for language, though we nearly pissed ourselves laughing at the strains Seth MacFarlane made up because they’re surprisingly un-far from reality).

Source: living in Colorado, where (A) this stuff is commonplace rather than exotic and (B) the business potential of cannabis is evolving right in front of our eyes.

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Russ Henneberry is Founder of theCLIKK, an email first publication about digital business. He is an entrepreneur, speaker and author of Digital Marketing for Dummies. Russ has certified thousands of marketing professionals and business owners in disciplines including content marketing, search marketing and social media marketing.


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