☠️ The Weird Way iOS 15 Will Kill Email Open Rates. The original headline is a little bit alarmist (though not inaccurate per se), so we compromised and edited the headline to reflect the eyebrow-raising detail here.

Namely: whenever email open rates “die,” the open rates will be rising instead of falling. How does this make any sense?

The explanation isn’t intuitive, but it’s simple enough: iOS 15’s new privacy features will automatically “open” every email, at least as far as the tracking pixel is concerned. This doesn’t have the depressing effect of tanking your numbers—in fact, with every iOS user automatically marked as open, the numbers should climb dramatically when iOS 15 comes out—but either way, it means that Email Open Rate will no longer be useful for describing reality.

Then again, as the author is right to emphasize, it’s not as though Open Rate was ever a great metric for email-marketing success. It tells you something, but rarely does it have a direct relationship with bottom-line success.

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